Above: Highway 50, South Lake Tahoe

When I was my son’s age, I walked ten miles in the snow to get to school. Well, more like three. And if I’m honest, that only happened once before I figured out how to take the bus or hitchhike.

This week, I watched in dismay as the Caldor fire…

Standing on a promontory of metamorphic rock in what is now called the Oakland Hills, I saw what the Human Beings once described as the mouth of the tortoise — today we call it the Golden Gate. I also saw the eyes of the tortoise — the right eye, Mt…

What’s up, Algorithm? Do you know that phrase, “What’s up?” I’m sure you do. But as a disembodied intelligence, I know you’ve never felt the sensation of up—going up in an elevator, jumping. Hanging upside down, knees folded over the monkey bars, feeling the rush of blood to your head.

Above: Prestige Worldwide CEOs Brennan and Dale begin the healing.

Brennan and Dale to Restore America’s Prestige—Worldwide


PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE (WIDE… WIDE…) the leader in Entertainment, Management, Financial Portfolios, Insurance, Computers, Black Leather Gloves, Research and Development (putting in the Man Hours to study The Science of What You Need), and Security is proud to announce….


E.M. Stonestreet

Writer, actor, funny person. https://linktr.ee/stonestreet

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